eMedia Video Unit | A leader in video production in Jamaica


Video production has been at the core of what we do since 2012. We have invested significantly in equipment and technical training to build the competence of our video production team.

Michael R. Scotch

TV / Web Commercials

Our creative team has strong skills in relation to the production of tv and web commercials. We have worked with more than 30 brands in the Caribbean to produce their commercials.


Turn a difficult process into an easy one. These videos are ideal for introducing a product or service and

present the right choice for any product or service that is

difficult to explain.

Often referred to as the term ‘Vendor of Record’. We use the term ‘Video Production Partner on Record

(VPPR)’. With this option, we work both as a production company and also as a consultant.

Product Videos

Video Production Partner on Record

Television Show

In 2015, we executed the production of season five of the local reality TV show, The Innovators and took it a step further in 2016 when we took over the production of Drs. Appointment TV show both airing on TVJ.